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Seminar: Out of sight, out of mind: Divestments and the global reallocation of pollutive assets

Tinbergen Institute

Large emitters reduced their carbon emissions by around 11-15% after the 2015 Paris Agreement (“the Agreement”) relative to public firms that are less in the limelight. We show that this effect is predominantly driven by divestments. Large emitters are 9 p.p. more likely to divest pollutive assets in the post-Agreement period, an increase of over 75%. This divestment effect comes from asset sales and not from closures of pollutive facilities. There is no evidence for increased engagements in other emission reduction activities. Our results indicate significant global asset reallocation effects after the Agreement, shifting emissions out of the limelight. Joint paper with Lin Ma and Daniel Streitz.


  • Tobias Berg (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)


Gustav Mahlerplein 117,
1082 MS Amsterdam