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ESB 4767S: Women in economics

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Gepubliceerd om: mei 9 2019
ESB 4767S: Women in economics

Female staff and female professors have been, and still are, very much underrepresented at economics faculties in the Netherlands. In our first ESB-dossier in English, 23 authors provide analysis and recommendations in order to improve the representation of women. With, among others, a roundtable discussion between young academics, an interview with Siv Gustafsson, a survey among economics faculties by Janneke Plantenga, columns by Esther-Mirjam Sent and Mirjam van Praag, and much more.

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This dossier was composed by the ESB editors and made possible by financial support from the Dutch economics and business faculties.

Content ESB 4767S: Women in economics

Women in economics

Bas Jacobs


Introduction: Being a good sport

Jasper Lukkezen

Too few women in the economics debate

Sylvia Teunissen and Coen Hogendoorn

Taking Stock

Invisible barriers to the top for female economists

Harry van Dalen

Successful economists are highly masculine

Belle Derks, Ruth van Veelen and Michel Handgraaf

Infographic: Gender in economic institutions


Female econometricians are the future

Ivo Arnold


Interview with Siv Gustafsson

Jasper lukkezen

Report: Academics on the gender imbalance in economics

Elisa de Weerd

Column: Happy to be a role model

Mirjam van Praag

Column: How I became a feminist

Esther-Mirjam Sent


A behavioural view of women’s underrepresentation in economics

Anne Boring and Thomas Buser

How to make being successful in economics more inclusive

Anne-Wil Harzing, Claartje Vinkenburg and Marloes van Engen

Revealed preference and gender equality

Hein Schreuder

Still no more than a foot in the door

Eline van der Heijden

Women in economics: a lifelong discouragement

Henriëtte Prast


What economics faculties are doing about female scarcity?

Janneke Plantenga

Column: NWO’s role in improving gender balance

Jaap Schouten and Stan Gielen

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