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Seminar: NETWORKS Match Makers

Tinbergen Institute

Over the past decade, multiple scientific disciplines have contributed to the understanding of how highly complex systems operate, with an increasing interest in synergies. The social sciences have provided insight into the structure of social entities and have developed theories explaining the patterns that are observed. The economic sciences have offered a perspective on how the behaviour by people is shaped by incentives and by their expectations about the behaviour of others. Computer science and mathematics have built a framework and a toolbox for explaining and quantifying the complexity that is encountered in various settings. This intriguing blend is part of a new research area under the name of network science, with a focus on explaining complex phenomena in social, economic and technological systems, and beyond.


  • Melika Liporace (Tilburg University),
  • Rense Corten (Universiteit Utrecht)


Gustav Mahlerplein 117,
1082 MS Amsterdam