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Seminar – Electronic word-of-mouth and employer branding: Implications from an organizational impression management perspective

Universiteit van Amsterdam

The powerful effects of electronic word-of-mouth on employer branding and prehire outcomes have made it incumbent on employers to formulate effective responses to employer reviews on social media. By integrating research on organizational impression management and online customer service recovery, this research adds insight into different types of responses and their effects on potential job seekers. We employed text mining techniques to first identify distinct types of employer responses to positive and negative reviews observed on a major social media platform. Findings from our experiment based on vignettes created from topic modeling suggest that responding to reviews had significant positive effects on organizational attraction, and responding to negative reviews specifically resulted in additional significant positive effects on intentions to apply and employer reputation. Drawing on signaling theory, we further uncover that such responses improved perceptions of organizational competence, warmth, and sincerity when potential applicants read reviews with an employer response (versus no response). Overall, this study suggests that organizations should invest in responding strategically to online reviews by employees, past and present.

Hybrid from REC M4.02


  • Trevor Yu Kang Yang (Nanyang Technological University)


Plantage Muidergracht 12,
1018 TV Amsterdam