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The Babylonian Confusion about Central Bank Digital Currency

Discussions often take longer than necessary, because people use the same term but seem to understand it differently. This also applies to central bank digital currency (CBDC). Some see CBDC as a preparation for a cashless society, a kind of European version of the ‘Chipknip’ (a now obsolete Dutch e-money product), while others see CBDC as a safe haven during an impending financial crisis. However, the implications for the economy of the various types of CBDC are radically different.


Introducing central bank digital currency requires careful consideration

Following other countries, a debate on central bank digital currency (CBDC) has started in the Netherlands as progressive digitisation is bringing introduction within reach. The Netherlands Bank (DNB) participates in this debate with a critical attitude: do the potential benefits truly outweigh the risks and could these not also be achieved within the confines of existing financial structures?


Banking sector diversity is key to financial stability

In January 2019, the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy published the report Money and Debt (‘Geld en Schuld’). This report explains how money creation works, describes the main problems of the current monetary and financial system and discusses several reform options. In this article we present the report’s main analysis and conclusions. We focus in particular on our recommendation to facilitate a bank that deals exclusively with payment and savings services.