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Seminar: Coordinate or collaborate? Food waste reduction in perishable product supply chains

Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Reducing food waste is challenging, especially when supply chains (SCs) have multiple decision-makers. One well-known approach that grocery retailers use to deal with waste is requiring manufacturers to only send products with a long remaining shelf life (“minimum life on receipt”-MLOR). However, it is not clear how this approach affects manufacturers. To evaluate the effectiveness of the MLOR agreement and address this food waste problem in perishable SCs, we study and compare two strategies: (1) collaborating on setting the MLOR level and (2) coordinating the SC via contract mechanisms.

This seminar will take place in T09-67 (Mandeville building) or join online.


  • Navid Mohamadi (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)


Thomas Moorelaan,
3062 PA Rotterdam